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Full Version: 11/26/2022: Cosmetic overrides, vote streaks, small fixes
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Hey Etherealians,

Quick mid-week update to bring in some new things before a bigger patch later this week - expect an expanded Donator island soon!

We've noticed we need to add more ways to monetize Ethereal - advertising is very expensive and it's the best way we can get more new players in to keep a consistent, healthy playerbase while we also work to retain current players.

Cosmetic Overrides

Cosmetic overrides have been introduced! You can access them via the sigils button in the equipment interface -> Cosmetic overrides. To make an item a cosmetic override, you must use a Cosmetic override key found in the Donator store -> Enhancements store for 50 donator points each; you can also get them as a rare reward from a Vote cache. Note that when you use a key on an item you want to use as a Cosmetic override, you cannot get the item back!

[Image: jiSdttx.png]

[Image: esuJOEV.png]

The interface will show the different equipment slots and what is currently selected as an override; simply click the equipment slot and it will bring up a list of the items you currently have available as overrides! Then click the specific item you want as the override and it will override any gear you have on - as long as an item is equipped there. You can also select the option to hide whatever gear piece you have on! Note that overrides will not display in the Wilderness or in other PvP situations.

[Image: tPby1Bc.png]

Vote Streaks

In an effort to increase voting, I have added vote streaks - as long as you vote once a day, you can continue your streak! Note that you cannot add to a streak if you vote more than once within a 12 hour period. You can guarantee a vote cache every 3 votes and a Rares box every 10 votes with this new system!
In other news:
Buffed the purple rate of CoX to 1% every 2,500 points obtained.
- Buying rods from the Aerial Fishing store should properly update the collection log now.
- Fixed the ferocious ring outputting more damage than intended.
- Finishing the Gauntlet without taking any damage will grant an additional roll at the loot table.
- You should no longer be able to receive duplicates of pets in your inventory/bank/following you when the said pet is already in your PoH menagerie.
- Gauntlet pets should automatically go to your bank now.
- Fixed some issues with being sent to jail - staff should now be able to properly unjail a player that is stuck.
- The Bar Alchemiser perk should now correctly calculate how many bars can be used AFTER the perk's buff.